3484 Magazine is Georgia Tech’s official student news magazine and a publication of Georgia Tech Student Media. Named after Atlanta’s geographical coordinates of 34° N, 84° W, we focus primarily on political and social issues in the Atlanta area and how they impact local residents and Georgia Tech students.

In addition to publishing a magazine each semester, we cover current events on our social media accounts, @3484mag.

Interested in joining our team? We generally recruit at the beginning of each fall and spring semester—indicate your interest here and we’ll get back to you! Feel free to reach out to us for any other inquiries at 3484mag@gmail.com.

Fall 2023 Team:
Kiran Garewal (PUBP ’24), editor-in-chief
Inika Shah (ID ’25), creative director
Anoushka Gandotra (PUBP ’26), assistant editor
Aaron Zheng (PUBP ’24)
Anisha Sadhale (CS ’26)
Blaine Branch (PUBP ’26)
Caitlin Marchant (LMC ’24)
Cherry Nallamalli (PUBP ’27)
Dani Nicholas (PUBP ’25)
Elizabeth Adams (EnvE ’27)
Evan Smallwood (PUBP ’26)
Fletcher Morris (PUBP ’25)
Haeun Ryoo (ID ’24)
Hannah Marsh (LMC ’26)
Heather Lee (Psych ’27)
Jessamyn Lockett (PUBP ’24)
Kathy Tabe-Ebob (Econ ’25)
Maeve Mobley (LMC ’26)
Maria Ninan (Neuro ’25)
Marta Westerstahl (Econ ’25)
Megan Jermak (Civil ’25)
Molly Butler (LMC ’26)
Natasha Pietak-Walsh (PUBP ’25)
Nikhel Krishna (CS ’25)
Payton Silverman (Music Tech ’27)
Sarah Harper (IAML ’26)
Shree Joshi (PUBP ’26)
Stephen Fitzmeyer (MS ECE ’24)
Thomas Bordeaux (M. Arch ’25)
Vehnil Rangaraman (CS ’27)
YoonSuh Kim (ISYE ’25)

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